Services Provided and the Cleaning Process

    We usually just have one person cleaning at a time. We are equipped with all our own supplies.
    However at the homeowners request, we will use specific products they supply. Through the
    years we have learned what cleaning products are effective and the most efficient cleaning
    We like to keep our clients on a consistent schedule with general cleans. We are willing to
    schedule in extra tasks and cleanings for an additional fee. Additional tasks must be scheduled
    ahead of time. Extra tasks would include ovens, inside of refrigerators, deep cleaning of blinds   
    etc. We change bed linens upon request as part of the maintenance but we do not do laundry or
    dishes. We do not clean inside china cabinets or wet bars. Please ask about tasks you may be
    curious if we perform.

    -The Bathroom
    We clean the shower and the bathtub. Any mildew gets treated and we strive to get the grout as
    clean as possible and fight off hard water deposits and soap scum. We use glass cleaner on all
    mirrors and fixtures. All items are removed from counter tops which are then wiped down and
    returned to their original position. The sink is cleaned out, the fronts of the cabinets are
    polished, base boards wiped down, toilet cleaned and the floor is sanitized.

    -The Kitchen
    The fronts of cabinets, outsides of appliances and inside of microwave are wiped clean. You can
    request in advance to have the inside of the oven or refrigerator cleaned for an extra charge.
    We move items on the counter tops so they can be wiped down accordingly and then they are
    put back in their proper place. The sink is cleaned out. The stove top is surface cleaned and if it
    can be taken apart we clean the drip pans. Floors are swept or vacuumed and then steam
    cleaned if tile or linoleum. If there are wood floors we use a terry cloth mop and wood floor
    cleaner spray.

    -Dusting and Vacuuming
    This would include general areas and bedrooms. We will remove and replace a reasonable
    amount of items in order to dust surfaces. Any mirrors we come across are cleaned with glass
    cleaner. We will check for cobwebs,dust ceiling fans, dust picture frames, dust baseboards,
    Swiffer blinds (deep cleaning of blinds is an extra fee and needs to be scheduled), clean window
    sills and generally dust all furniture. Carpets are vacuumed and wood or tile floors are
    vacuumed and mopped appropriately.

    We will do inside windows as part of a move out clean or as an added service. For outside
    windows or two story homes with tall windows, it might be better to hire a window cleaning service
    with all the ladders and equipment needed for upper stories. We will vacuum and wipe out
    window tracks, wash and squeegee the inside windows, and wipe down the frames. We'll get
    inside and out of sliding doors. We'll try our best not to leave behind streaks or drips. We'll also
    detail clean any blinds or shutters upon request.

    Office Maintenance
    Duties include emptying all wastebaskets and taking out the trash. Cleaning the bathroom would
    entail: wiping down all surfaces, cleaning out sinks and toilets and mopping floors. If requested
    and the supplies are provided for us, we'll resupply toilet paper and paper towels and refill soap
    dispensers. Cleaning the kitchen or break area includes: wiping off counter tops, fronts of
    cabinets, fronts of appliances, cleaning out the sink, wiping down any tables and chairs then
    mopping the floor. In each office we would check for cobwebs, swiffer blinds, dust any pictures or
    documents on walls, dust the desks and any objects on it, wipe down the computer screen,dust
    any other furniture and vacuum. We'll also wipe down entry glass doors.

    Carpet Cleaning
    We do not provide carpet cleaning but I can recommend Yowell's Carpet Cleaning.  He also
    does upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and Window washing.  I've seen his work on
    move out cleans and it's amazing! Contact Carl at 209-770-3003

    Move Out Cleans
    The house must be completely empty of all belongings before we come to clean. All debris must
    be removed as well. We do many of the same tasks as outlined in the basic housecleaning
    service but at a much deeper level as well as the following: wipe down all doors, baseboards,
    light switch/ electrical outlet plates; inside and out of all cabinets and closets; light fixtures wiped
    down; and vacuum the carpets (we don't steam clean - refer to above carpet cleaning
    paragraph). The window blinds or shutters are wiped down; inside and out of all kitchen
    appliances including the oven and refrigerator; and sweeping out the garage. If you can think of
    any more tasks, please ask us if we can include them and we will accommodate you if possible.
    We offer inside window cleaning as part of the move out clean, inside and out of sliding or french
    doors.  We generally charge by the hour for move out cleans as these are nearly impossible to
    bid on and people often want different things done. There are also different degrees of build up.
    We can give you a ballpark estimate over the phone. And please be aware of when the new
    owners/ renters are moving in so they're not trying to move in when we're cleaning. We DO NOT
    guarantee you will get your deposit back because it's not our decision to make.

    Products Used
    Please ask us what products we use when discussing your house cleaning needs with us.
    We use as many natural/ biodegradable products as we can because we'd like to cut down on
    the amount of chemicals we use in your house. We've found we can't replace things like toilet
    cleaner and mildew remover with natural products. The most important thing is they need to be
    effective. If you have products you would prefer that we use please let us know and we will try to
    accommodate you.
    We always bring a clean bag of cotton terry cloth towels and microfiber cloths to use only in your
    We use Shark upright bagless vacuum cleaners for carpets with attachments for floors and
    stairs. Then we have a Bissel pro steamer mop for hard floors like tile or linoleum. For wood
    floors, we have a mop with a microfiber cover and wood floor spray.  
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